Wedding day tips for the bride to be

Try to enjoy your pre-wedding nerves, you may never be this nervous and excited again.

It is normal for men to retreat from the wedding planning, this is a gender thing, it doesn't mean that he doesn't care.

Thoughts for your bridal bag; perfume, deodorant, headache tablets, tissues, lipstick, handkerchief, safety pins, needle and thread.

Consider going for shoe comfort instead of style, it's hard to smile when your feet hurt.

There are many reasons why brides arrive at the church late and stressed - consider planning your schedule as if the ceremony is thirty minutes earlier than it actually is.

Before walking down the aisle, take a few minutes to compose yourself - a calm bride is a beautiful bride.

Because of nerves during the exchange your fingers may swell making rings difficult to slide on, don't panic - everyone goes through it.

Don't expect too much from younger page boys and bridesmaids, they will be very excited and may misbehave more than normal.

Your dress will almost certainly get dirty, accept it as part of a happy, fun wedding.

Don't try to run your wedding day, you are the queen and you have chosen your professionals wisely, relax and enjoy your day.

Even if the sky itself falls down on your wedding you will still be married to the person you are madly and romantically in love with, making it the perfect day.

A speech from the heart even with mistakes and pauses will often touch more people than one that is read verbatim.

All said and done, it is not how you get married that counts, but to whom.



Have a fantastic day, all the best andy